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Those who attended St. Edward's Secondary School will beyond doubt agree that this establishment was among the finest and most reputable of schools of the Catholic diocese of Sierra Leone. Its staff was made up of teachers from all corners of the world, and ranked among the best three schools in terms of anything to be proud about.

After the retirement of Fr. O'Sullivan, St. Edward's Secondary School was placed under government administration. This meant that ethical standards of hardwork and reward would soon be replaced by hardship and corruption. Things would never be the same again.  

The school finally lost grace when those responsible to protect the lives and properties of the citizens turned against their own people. The parameters of the school grounds were overrun by heavily armed police officers and their families. Students and staff members were dealt severe beatings and the school ranscked and vandalized beyond recognition.

Hopes for the perpetrators to be brought to justice are as distant as the dreams of the young men and women who still believed in the fruits hard work, in a country where despair is in the air to breathe.

For the better part of the last three decades, Sierra Leone lost her patrimony and ranked at the bottom of the UNDP human development index. This meant that an entire generation of children would be robbed of a future.

In a bid to rescue the school from further decline, the St. Edward's alumni organization has launched a drive to help the youths of St. Edward's Secondary School return to the classroom.

We are accepting everything from used furniture, books, sporting, chalks, musical equipment, copiers, lab equipment, telephones/fax machines, to used or new computers, etc.