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                                St Edward's Secondary School                 

                                            May Park, Kingtom 

                                                                 (Est. 6th Feb. 1922)

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School Song


St. Edward Patron of our school

And creator of our youth

Guide us in our search for truth

To the Holy Ghost Faithful

Instill in us true leadership

Model of christian piety

So may we always honour thee

For all our lives to see


The name Edwardian proudly stands

In our country's honour roll

Inspiring us to follow close

Those who to great heights rose 

With prayers our battle we shall fight

And all life's struggles win

We shall be loyal to our school

To our kith and kin


However far in days to come

Our lives may make us roam

The closest friends will be those made

In youth and boyhoods home

Sing hail to Edward king and saint

Confessor pure and chaste

Enjoying now that heavenly bliss

Which we soon hope to taste.


Feast day: 13th.October


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St. Joseph's Sec School


The Old Edwardians - U.K and Ireland Community  


E-mail Gen.Sec. -  Donald Macaulay


Achievements: The school, nicknamed the Sport Academy, has always had a first class record in sports, academic, and other achievements.

 Sports Houses


Browne Wilson Blanchet  Mulcahy O'Gorman  
  These houses  will forever reflect an unforgetable part of our memories each time we take a look in the rear mirror.  
  They represent a sincere part of our smiles, tears, joys, despairs, delights, and the very best of our youthful days.   
  Different in colour but united in one Edwardian spirit.  

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      Come visit us at May Park, Kingtom.

P.O. Box 257 

Tel. 22241249


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