The Way Forward (Part One)


We need to call a national meeting about this very disturbing issue, so we can

Brain-storm for ideas about what to do to get the school out of the mess it has now found itself.


This is where our usual telephone conferencing becomes a powerful tool. I need one or two volunteers to help me put together a compiled email list of all former support and help.


The majority of those email addresses are accessible through the guest book, which I have the keys to. I need the help of one or two people in putting together an email list of all former Edwardians.


Some of these guys are in places and positions which may allow them to offer ideas and other forms of assistance.


While Dr. Jalloh and others on the ground work out what went wrong, those out here should be working on the right thing to do to get the school going.  Our energies and talents should now be directed at finding channels to tap for resources in helping the school rise from the dusts of its present state.   


I envision a number of 3-man committees be set up under one Edwardian umbrella be set up to meet these demands. For this need each chapter should be required to forward two competent candidates based on the candidate’s reputation as someone who can deliver. After this, these men committees will embark on applicable projects and practical strategies to be used in finding a remedy.         


I have added a discussion forum to the school website to facilitate communication so we can ideas from all corners of the globe. Please come and share your ideas at the forum and be heard.


I plan to link up an email database to the school website to allow easy access to windows and corridors of communication. Here is a list some members of the Old Edwardians network. Please send an email to if your email is not included in the list below.




Patrick Walsh Jr. [Webmaster - creator of The Edwardian / Conventonian Websites],,;,,;; Naldo Sawyer (; Alusine Jalloh (,

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