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 Presidential Run offs....

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Editorials   Succession Worries Now eased

Unless all the APC votes dry up completely and Solomon Berewa makes a clean sweep of all the remaining votes left in the SLPP  stronghold, Sierra Leoneans can legitimately say today that there has been a change of batons at State House--And a  young man who answers to the name of Ernest Bai Koroma, will soon have a new nomenclature--MR. PRESIDENT.

Only the deepest dreamer among the SLPP  support cast can now nurse any hope that their Presidential candidate , Solomon Berewa can still make a comeback, erase Mr. Koroma's commanding lead and win. Today's results from the National Election Commission ( NEC)  left SLPP  realists conceding that  the game was up : READ THE FULL REPORT BELOW :

Foto: Ernest Bai Kamara

Succession Worries Now eased
Editorials Succession Worries Now eased
Editorials Editorials
Editorials Editorials



Woman of the Moment


An SLPP Insider told COCORIOKO  today that a big split hit the ruling SLPP  after the release of today's results by the National Elections Commission ( NEC) ,which leaves the party without any more realistic and genuine hope of retaining power. Our source said in an emergency SLPP  meeting, a split arose between those who want Presidential candidate, Mr. Solomon Berewa , to concede and those who want him to fight on. .Our informant said that the Deputy Minister of Defence, Joe Blell is leading the faction that is requesting that the SLPP  accept reality and concede defeat in the national interest. The other faction, led by the Presidential candidate himself vowed to fight on to the last vote. Berewa is however being strongly opposed by bitter members who think that he will only lose face further by trying to fight a losing battle. 

 Already some angry SLPP  youths have  not spared any bones to complain that certain executive members of the SLPP  have been making them live in a fool's paradise for the past month with assurances that all will be well in the final analysis, whereas things were gloomy.They are accusing executive members of deceiving them. Some of the people being blamed for taking the youths for a ride are the Publicity Secretary, Mr.Victor Reider , the Secretary General ,Mr. Jacob Jusu Saffa and others .

Meanwhile , some  realistic SLPP  members have started packing in anticipation of a change of government



The Person of the moment in Sierra Leone and the world over is the Chairlady of the National Elections Commission, Dr. Christiana Thorpe. All eyes are on her  and the destiny of the nation lies on her shoulders , as much as it does on voters. 





By Kallay Musa Conteh
 APC Acting Secretary General 
Indeed, our APC/PMDC command center in Washington has
now got a clear picture of the crucial presidential run-off race in Sierra Leone which is suggestive of the  opposition APC Party currently taking the incumbent SLPP Party to a dead end .It is highly unlikely for the SLPP to break the current trend  since the pattern at which we nipped them on the bud
is quite irresistible. As a true Sierra Leonean and senior official of the opposition APC Party,  I make bold to say that the only way out for Vice President Berewa is, to concede defeat .For sure, the Sierra Leonean people have voted for their beloved President whose inauguration will be well attended by world leaders and foreign delegations within the next few weeks ahead.
With 75% of the votes already counted and properly tallied on the NEC database, our analysts and forcasters have today taken a sigh of breath with confidence as the APC party is poised  to fully take over the affairs of Sierra Leonean people and address them accordingly.In the interim,The North American Branch of the All PeoplesíCongress(APC)Party and PeoplesíMovement for Democratic Change(PMDC) is pleased with todayís NEC press briefing from Dr.Christiana Thorpe whichi ndicate the APC Party making a huge lead of a little
over 290,000 votes against the SLPP.



COCORIOKO SCOOP by our Freetown reporters

It is appearing clear that President Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Kabbah,  after series of allegation levied by members of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) that he deliberately failed to campaign for the party's presidential candidate Solomon Berewa  to succeeded him, appeared to have finally tried  to  dictate to  the Chairperson of National Electoral Commission (NEC) Dr. Christiana Thorpe to manipulate the presidential runoff in favour of the SLPP candidate Berewa.

An investigation conducted by COCORIOKO revealed that President Kabbah ordered some senior police officers including the Inspector General of Police Brima Acha Kamara, Assistant Inspector General of Police In-Charge of Professional Standard Tamba Gbeki and former National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) junta leader Brigadier Julius Maada Bio to execute a covert deal in Kailahun, Bombali, Kenema, Pujehun and Moyamba districts with ballot boxes.

A police personnel attached to the Operational Support Division constable Ansu who travelled with IG/SLP Acha, Bio, AIG/SLP Gbeki and other Thursday told COCORIOKO that with  effect from Friday the results with take a different trend in favour of the SLPP as he puts " Bio is afraid  of APC because if its presidential candidate Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma win the election the former NPRC junta leader will not have a peaceful stay in Sierra Leone".



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