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Principal in Corruption Scandal

The efforts of government to at least cut down on corruption is being frustrated by people who feel that it is the only means to earn a livelihood, forgetting the adverse effects it posses on the country's economy, especially on the living standards of the average Sierra Leonean.

Allegations of corrupt practices against the acting principal of the Saint Edward's Secondary School, Mr. Joseph P. Kamara reaching this press, indicate that the principal is indulged in the practice of taking bribes of not less than fifty thousand leones for admission into Senior Secondary School.

What has raised concern to both teachers and parents is that even those students who do not fulfil the required aggregate of 30 are being admitted once the palm of the principal is greased.

Dilating further, school sources maintained that even when other teachers recommend students with better grades, the principal turns them down while he continues to swell the student roll with his own cases.

It is reported that each stream has over seventy students, most of whom have been admitted by the principal through the "back door." Spark also learnt that admissions are still in progress when it is close.

Recently, the principal hired the service of the 'sharia' to weed out students who he referred to as being illegally admitted. The raid consequently netted over 20 students who were later pardoned when other students threatened to go on the rampage if their colleagues were expulsed.

A disgruntled parent who contacted this press lamented that they recently paid Le1,500 per student for the construction of the school fence that borders the school and the cemetery, noting that the quality of work done is not commensurate to the money that was paid for thousands of students.

The issue that bothers the minds of most teachers is that in spite of these unwarranted practices, the principal maintains little discipline.

Students are reported to have very little respect for teachers due to the laissez-fair attitude of the principal.

The proprietor of the school, the Catholic Mission, according to sources, has done very little to bear pressure on Mr. Kamara to bring sanity to the school.

George Wilson